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Frank, Dean, and Sammy. There was Showgirls, The Glass pool Inn, implosions and Elvis. Don’t forget the Neon signs of old laying in dirt at their graveyard. 
This is Vegas (The Show).

I had the pleasure of finally catching this David Saxe production at Planet Hollywood, last week. 
This show runs the gamut from The Dunes to Caesars and beyond
The audience is fixed on the stage from the opening line of the janitor (ERIC) as he sweeps up at The Neon Graveyard. He walks us through an entire lifetime of what was, to what is present day Sin City.
The tributes and impressions alone are enough to make most Vegas fanatics smile the entire show. But the actual production value of this show is absolutely amazing.
The bandleader put out a great sounding show from start to finish. Dancing was perfectly choreographed and stunts and acrobatics awed most viewers.
If your, in any way, a Vegas historian or enthusiast this is a must see show. I can’t believe I hadn’t made an effort to see this sooner.
I can’t remember a show with this many prop and costume changes, the entire stage changes over and over without missing a beat.
The singers couldn’t have asked for a better variety of Vegas brand music to sing. They all seemed to enjoy belting out the tunes. “Midnight train to Georgia” seemed to stick out as a crowd favorite, and it was definitely done well.
The Rat Pack stared in the lounge and Elvis did his shaking on stage and screen, as the show took us on a trek of what Las Vegas sounded like. 

In between the larger acts were smaller comedic acts, vaudeville style acts, stunts and unbelievable acrobatic performances. A character named Professor Wacko and a three-man physical comedy team named The Quiddlers provided small intermissions. They both had the crowd in awe one minute and laughing uncontrollably the next.
About twenty dancers, ten big time voices, and five unique specialty acts make this one of the best shows I’ve seen in quite some time. 
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I've used the restaurant.com website for over ten years now. Every trip to Vegas I try to find something new from their selection of restaurants. They range from taco stands to steak and seafood dinning. I would like to pass on some info on the site and suggest using it on your next trip. Certificates are offered for a starting price (usually $10 for a $25 certificate) the buyer has to purchase a set amount during the visit. On $25 certificate generally $37.50 is the required amount. Back to the prices; I have never (maybe once) purchased a certificate at full price. The site sends out emails with promo codes. The codes coincide with holidays or special events such as fathers day or July 4th etc. At times ranging anywhere from 30 to 80 plus percent off the $10 purchase price. I have bought certificates as low as $1.00 in the past. 
Another thing to remember is the fine print. Some restaurants wont allow the purchase of alcohol, some are only available during lunch or dinner hours, others may not let you use the certificates with other special offers such as "DAILY SPECIALS" or already discounted items. Every certificate I've used have the automatic 18% gratuity added in the fine print but not every placed Iv'e been asked for that. Most wait staff understand if you leave it off customers will tip (pending your experience) more then the automatic 18%. 
On to the fun stuff, the eateries.............
In the Las Vegas area there are more then 100 places one can try out. Off hand I think I can recall about 20 I've personally experienced. Not all worth mentioning at this time, because I plan a future segment on restaurant.com certificate use. I will mention that some certificates are harder to obtain then others mainly due to popularity. Casa Di Amore for example and Stripburger being 2 of the hardest.
I don't plan my trips or my dinning around restaurants.com certificates but they are always handy to have printed off and there as an option. 

<![CDATA[Back with Class]]>Tue, 24 Sep 2013 11:20:18 GMThttp://neonvacation.com/the-way-back-stuff/back-with-classAtomic Liquors located at 917 Fremont St. is the oldest freestanding bar in town, and was the first bar in town to have an off sale and package liquor license.
The bar actually opened first as a cafe in 1945 called VIRGINIA'S. Which was rumored to be named after Bugsy Siegel's girlfriend. Siegel ran the EL CORTEZ down the street. He also ran the Flamingo and Bugsy's nick name for Virginia was Flamingo. It was believed Virginia Hill had something to do with financing the cafe.
The cafe changed its name to ATOMIC LIQUOR in 1952 when it was the place to go to watch Atomic testing blasts from their roof. 
The original owners (Joe and Stella Stobchik) ran it until Joe died October of 2010. They closed in Jan. of 2011 and two weeks later Stella passed away.
A lot of movie scenes have been filmed in or around the Atomic. My favorite scene from Casino (pen stabbing scene) was filmed there as well as scenes in "The Gauntlet" in 1977, "The Hangover" in 2009 and Rod Serling shot there for an episode of Twilight Zone called "The Fever" back in 1960. Clebrities such as Barbra Streisand frequented the establishment along with The Rat Pack, Burt Reynolds, and  even The Smothers Brothers. 
The first time I spent an afternoon in the Atomic would have got the original owners in trouble (being only 18). The last time I stepped foot in The Atomic it was a bonafide "DIVE BAR" back in 2006 or 2007.
I am one who loves history and the background of all thing Vegas. There is so much history to this joint I cant imagine visiting the area without stopping in for a tall Busch Light can.
Check out our page dedicated to The Atomic HERE for more.]]>
<![CDATA[Thanks and Happy New Year, from NeonVacation]]>Tue, 01 Jan 2013 03:14:35 GMThttp://neonvacation.com/the-way-back-stuff/thanks-and-happy-new-year-from-neonvacation2012 comes to its end tonight and I am reflecting on what a wonderful year its been for me.
2 years ago I started NEONVACTION.COM as a hobby and tribute of sorts to the greatest city Ive ever lived in or visited. The goal of starting the website, all along, was to help others enjoy Vegas as much as I do.
2011 was my test year. I spent that first year confused and frustrated as to the ins and outs of maintaining this site.
During the 2nd year, I believe Ive got some of the constant maintenance and content issues down or at least under control.
I still have huge plans and great ideas for the site. I am still confused quite a bit but what I want to reflect on is the great year I’ve had because of the effort.
In this past year Ive met some of the most amazing people due to the similar passion for this city. I would try to name every interesting person during the past years travels but I will miss one or two names and that would make me feel terrible. Instead I will throw everyone in a large nutshell, you will know if I am speaking about you.
In no order of importance, I have had the pleasure of meeting other website owners and operators, my favorite podcast personalities, magazine and newspaper writers, radio celebrities, television personalities and television producers. On many trips I have had lunch, dinner or just drinks with some of my favorite hotel and casino workers including dealers, concierges, desk attendants, security guards, bartenders, and room service employees. Ive sat down with some of my favorite bar and restaurant owners, great store owners, museum operators, awesome art directors, and even those that run the “behind the scenes stuff” of Vegas shows, large and small. Ive had opportunities to talk with authors, actors, singers, comedians, dj’s, professional gamblers, strippers, hookers and even (ex) mobsters. I cant tell you how I got lucky enough to meet these people, just that every single story told was interesting.
I have met Vegas admirers in my hometown of Minnesota and visited them in theirs.
Ive made great friendships and all of this is due to the same thing; we all enjoy the city of Las Vegas and believe its great.

As I move forward with this passion of mine, I have twice as many trips planned for the upcoming year, hope to make this the best website I can and hope to meet even more interesting Vegas enthusiasts along the way.
Thank you, Las Vegas, for all the friendships.

Happy New Year everyone.

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In 1989 my best friend and I decided where we wanted to go to College, when we graduated.
I knew I wanted to stay in Las Vegas so UNLV for me, and he was going to try Reno(UNR).
That November, we started to notice blue shirts and red shirts popping up that read “FUNR and “FUNLV” 

We both had no clue what these meant, but bought them anyway thinking they were funny. After wearing them to baseball practice we learned, from our coach, their meaning and origin of what is know as the Battle for the Fremont Cannon. 
In 1967 the new football coach at the newly named UNLV, formerly Nevada Southern, decided to start a rivalry with the school from which he originally attended and coached, 8 hours away. The prize trophy being a cannon painted the school colors of the winning team.
The Fremont Cannon is a replica of the historic cannon used by John C. Fremont during an expedition in 1843 where he had to leave it behind in a bad snow storm somewhere in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

The two teams met in 1968 but the cannon wasn't ready for possession yet. It was assembled and ready the following year when UNLV beat UNR 42-30. Last year Nevada won it for the 7th consecutive season in a blowout 37-0. Thats the way this rivalry generally goes, in streaks. UNLV won 5 in a row before that and UNR 5 in a row prior to that. The largest margin of victory was by 42 points in 1991 when Nevada beat the Scarlet and Grey 50-8. 

In the 80’s the rivals only met 4 times, other then that they have met every year since 1969 and being in the same conference again should secure a yearly match-up from here on out.
As far as trophies go, this is the most expensive at a cost of over $10,000 and the heaviest ever to be awarded as a school rivalry trophy. Weighing around 550 pounds this Cannon was fired after the team who “owned” it that year scored during the rivalry game, UNLV ended that tradition in 2000 after they won it back from UNR and raised it to walk off the field but dropped it, they spent around $1500 to repair the damages, but it hasn't been fired since. This could be one more reason UNR has hated my first choice for College since as long as I can remember. 

This rivalry can get pretty heated at times. There’s been fights in the stands, in the parking lots, and charges pressed on students and athletes over the years. Me and my buddies usually keep pretty calm on the other hand. I make it a point to never miss this match-up, one way or another, sportsbook in Vegas or sports bar at home I’ll find a way to catch this game. Last year Reno was the big favorite(-20) and they've seem to control the lines, covering seven of the past 10 years.
So far there has been no line put out on this season’s battle. I hope that changes since laying a little cash on the line(even if just with your buddies) makes the game more exciting. Plus, we're back in Vegas for this years melee 

It may take some looking but you can still find the “FUNR” shirts if you plan on catching the game Saturday too. Ill have mine on and hope to be sitting next to my buddy wearing his “FUNLV”. If you happen to cross us feel free to give out a “GO REBS”, Ill send one back.
Good Luck Rebels! Lets paint it RED!

<![CDATA[Viva The King!]]>Thu, 09 Aug 2012 07:39:03 GMThttp://neonvacation.com/the-way-back-stuff/viva-the-kingA 21 year old Elvis Presley, billed as "The Atomic Powered Singer", took the stage at The New Frontier's Venue Room. The year was 1956 and he already had the rest of the Country in awe not to mention holding the number one hit song "Heartbreak Hotel". 
His name should have been shortened to just A BOMB because thats pretty much what happened. Apparently Las Vegas was not ready for Elvis...........yet. 
For the next few years Elvis didnt do much, but make movie after movie, produce more number one hits, and become much more popular; Oh yeah and he served his Country for two years after being drafted into the United States Army. Presley's overseas service took place in Germany (October 1, 1958, until March 2, 1960) as a member of the 1st Medium Tank Battalion. He was a member of the Army reserves until discharged in 1964.

View the enhanced version(more pictures)
The next time Elvis found himself in Las Vegas he was filming his 15th, and what many people believe to be his most famous movie, "VIVA LAS VEGAS". One things certain, "Viva Las Vegas" brought us the theme to all things SIN CITY. The movie, co-staring Ann Margret, grossed 5 million bucks and cost a mere million to make in 1963. During filming Elvis adopted a fondness for Vegas and in 1966 decided to return to be married, after proposing to Pricilla Anne Beaulieu they married 5 months later at the Aladdin Hotel.  

His daughter Lisa Marie was born in Febuary of '68 and during those next few months Elvis came to realize his career wasnt what it once was. With low record sales and no more chart toppers he became depressed and unhappy. Needing to wake his career up he struck a deal with NBC to produce his "68 Comeback Special", and it was a smash. During the following year Elvis re-entered the top of the charts with "In the Ghetto" and Suspicious Minds" to name a few. Offers started pouring in again and in May the new "International Hotel" signed him to the first of a long run for Las Vegas. He signed a four week, 57 show, contract and opened to an audience of celebrities on July 31st. The entire 57 shows proved Las Vegas was now ready for "The King".
For the entire 29 days he performed to a sold out room every night and his ticket sales exceeded 1.5 million dollars, for a show costing only $17.50 (avg) thats not to bad. Elvis impersonators started to pop up at lounges and local spots and the phenomena grew from there. It was said Elvis himself would sneak over to the Stardust to catch one of his favorite impersonators, Brendan Boyer. Elvis then signed a 5 year contract at a million dollars a year to perform just 2 month out of each year. Elvis was so popular during this run that it was estimated he sold over 43.7 million dollars in tickets and performed to more people in Vegas then anywhere else in the world. Doing over 800 shows it was also said that 1 in every 2 adults visiting Vegas saw his show while there.  
In December of 1976 Elvis returned to perform another of his mega popular two week engagements, and this time it would be his last trip, as he died 8 months later, on August 16th.
The effect Elvis had on Las Vegas and its tourism is about as large as any celebrity "doing" Vegas today. The money he brought to the Strip and the bodies he put on the casino floors were countless. People still come to Vegas to feel that exuberance he displayed. 
Following his death the The Hilton, as it was renamed, dedicated a statue of him and from 1978-2006 the statue was seen in front of the showroom. Since 2006 the statue has been outside at the entrance of the casino, making for an excellent photo op for all fans. 
If your planning an Elvis themed tour of Vegas The Hilton should be first stop. Recently renamed LVH, it still has the Elvis statue standing guard out front. Inside Trent Carlini pays a nightly tribute to "The King" in the showroom. 
Tributes can be found all over the strip still. For years Pete "Big Elvis" Vallee had a packed lounge act in Bill's Gambling Hall (formerly Barbary Coast) and has recently moved it over to Harrahs, where he still packs em in. Another celebrity tribute show plays at Harrahs, "Legends In Concert" which has Matt Lewis performing Elvis. I even see a guy at Ellis Island do Kareoke almost every night in full Elvis attire as his own tribute to "The King".  
There is no shortage of very talented and very good look alike tribute artists (i was told to not call them impersonators) in Las Vegas.
The single most realistic looking Elvis would be at the Madame Tussauds Interactive Wax Attraction at the Venitian. The wax museum, as its known, has been on the strip since 2000. Visitors can snap photos and touch the realistic Elvis all they wish.
Next stop on your "tribute trip" will have to be done quickly,  or it will be gone. "VIVA ELVIS" by Cirque 
du Soleil will be closing at the end of August this year but for now is being held at the super chic Aria resort and casino. A tribute, Cirque style, complete with a timeline of music sung on enormous screens, as performers dance to the songs of "The King".  
If you dont make it to Vegas in time to see "Viva Elvis", and assuming they keep it, Aria has their Gold Lounge. This is, as they call it, an Elvis inspired lounge close to the theater where the show takes place. Im not sure what makes it Elvis-ee but experienced Elvis fans might get all shook up over it. The lounge could be on its way out the door along with the show, so it's now or never.
A picture hunt for Elvis items can start at The Riviera where you'll find Elvis Presley's Walk of Fame star. The star was dedicated in 2008 and sits on a stretch of sidewalk in front of The Riviera's front doors. Next, move on to the Hard Rock cafe which proudly shows off gold records, belts, letters, and a smashed guitar. Hard Rock Hotel has some memorabilia as well, a jump suite he wore in the 70's, some apparel and non-smashed guitar are displayed behind glass there. 
Last but not least for the truly devoted Elvis Presley couple, no joke intended, it's a Chapel. If you want to do it  (quick and easy) Elvis style while your in town there's no better way then The Graceland Wedding Chapel. They've been performing Elvis "I dos" for over 50 years. The Graceland Wedding Chapel has been at the same location for all those years, 619 Las Vegas Blvd. South, just North of a more recent phenomenon known as The Pawn Stars (Gold and Silver Pawn as they're legally named). This little chapel has been a tradition to Elvis fanatics since before his death. If you wish to, you could say you were married at the same, world famous, chapel as Mr. and Mrs. Bon Jovi and Mr. and Mrs. Billy Ray Cyrus. Coincidentally, for a small investment, Im positive you will find some sort of trinket linking Elvis to Las Vegas at that Pawn Shop a block away. 
This is the 35th anniversary of "The King's" death, so if your lucky enough to be walking the strip over the next couple of weeks, offer to snap a photo of a couple in front of a statue, star or chapel. You will make their day. Viva Las Vegas! and, 
Thank You, Thank you very much. 

<![CDATA[Newest T.V. Drama for "Vegas" enthusiasts]]>Sun, 24 Jun 2012 23:40:26 GMThttp://neonvacation.com/the-way-back-stuff/newest-tv-drama-for-vegas-enthusiastsA new TV series will be hitting the air waves this fall, and more importantly its Las Vegas related. I enjoy reruns of the original “Vega$” with Robert Urich and “Crime Story” when I can catch them, and the more recent “Las Vegas” as well, I try to catch the reality COPS style “Vegas Strip” on TruTV and never miss one of Travel Channel’s out dated, Vegas based shows (the kind they seem to have on every other week). If your anything like me; you like the wild history behind Las Vegas and the characters that made Vegas, Vegas. So I suspect I will like this new show as well. Its to be called “Vegas” (huh, that’s original). The show's theme will be the molding of Las Vegas while Sheriff Ralph Lamb was at the helm. Some say he was a controversial figure and others worshiped him. Hopefully the series sticks somewhat close to reality so we can judge for ourselves. 

Here’s a little of what I dug up on the longest running Sheriff Las Vegas has ever had, and a little of what to expect from the show.

Ralph Lamb was just eleven when his father died on July 4th 1938, from a horse related accident, much the same way his grandfather died years earlier. His older brother, Floyd already had his own ranch so Ralph and a sister, Wanda, moved to the land and began working it with him. Ralph grew to love ranching but had a dream of one day becoming a FBI agent. When World War II came he joined as Army Intelligence but couldn’t continue with school afterwards because of his family’s lack of money, so in 1947 he took on a job as a deputy sheriff. It didn’t take him long to prove valuable to Clark County and their population of 15, 000. He quickly moved up the ladder to Chief of detectives. In 1954 Ralph and a fellow police office started their own detective agency and for the next 4 years handled clients such as Howard Hughes. He decided to run for Sheriff in 1958 and lost, but when the man that defeated him was named to the Gaming Control Board in 1961 Clark County asked him to take the position until the next election, he did and won the next election in 1962. Lamb was Sheriff longer then anyone ever has held the position, 18 years total. During his career he is credited with the modernizing of a rural police force, combining the Sheriffs office and the police dept into what is known as METRO today. He is also known for bringing in the first mobile crime lab and SWAT team to Vegas. During his 18 years as Sheriff his brother Floyd became a Senator and brother Darwin became a county commissioner.

The large Lamb family wasn’t immune to the spotlight or bad press. His youngest brother Larry had murder charges dismissed after he shot and killed a man, leading to an outcry of favoritism due to the family’s political position. Charges were then reinstated but a jury acquitted him. Floyd had troubles as well, In 1983 the FBI convicted the Senator of accepting bribes. Floyd spent 9 months in prison and was then pardoned and his civil rights were reinstated. The family had a rowdy reputation, which most people respected, especially in the middle of the “mafia movement” into Vegas. Ralph had many run ins with different ruffians, from Hell’s Angels bikers on up to Syndicate guys such as Moe Dalitzs and Johnny Rosselli. (Michael Chiklis will play a Rosselli style character on the show).

Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal was the head of the Stardust Casino through the early 80” as a front for the Mob out of Chicago. There are legendary tales of Lamb and Lefty going back and forth and Lamb trying to run him out of town, including the day he arrived in town and was kicked out by Lamb that same evening. He soon returned after Lamb and many of both parties mutual friends agreed on stipulations, including curfew and a “NO JACKPOT” law. Rosenthal has said he and Lamb became good friends after that, which seems like an odd statement, considering each other’s history and legend in Vegas.
After reading about those legendary confrontations with Rosenthal, I have no doubt that the tall cowboy character that visited Robert De Niro at his office, in the movie “Casino”, was derived from Sheriff Lamb.

The Sheriff had his own share of rumors and bad press. In 1977 he was indicted on tax evasion, when it was discovered he was spending a lot more then his salary on a ranch and new home. During the trials it was proven he took what he called “loans” from Benny Binion. The IRS tried to prove either the Sheriff had no intention of paying those “loans” or Mr. Binion didn’t expect to be paid back, making the money taxable income. Something I found funny was the District Judge during that trial made the statement, “Many fringe benefits come to elected officials which may be accepted along with the honest discharge of duty.” 
Then I thought, Why would a man with known mafia ties and a criminal background, such as Binion, be willing to lend (give) a man, in Sheriff Lamb’s position, $30,000 (or more) and not expect it paid back. I digress.
You’d think there would already have been a book or movie to celebrate such a big part of Las Vegas’ history. It’s been talked about a few times in the past. Once, before director Sam Peckinpah died he was interested in casting Clint Eastwood in the role of Sheriff Lamb. In this case CBS feels Dennis Quaid can fill Lambs shoes, or boots as it were.
Lamb himself said he was “overwhelmed by the cast and crew” who have finished filming the pilot episode in Las Vegas New Mexico. On his own, Lamb’s a pretty private man but he isn’t shy when telling stories to writers about those days. Recently he and famed writer Nick Pileggi had a sit down and the discussed enough content to fill, what was described as, several television seasons. Pileggi is a co-writer for the shows script, and originally developed the project as a movie at MGM with Arthur Sarkissian who got the rights back when MGM went through bankruptcy. It will be  directed by James Mangold who gained notoriety as director of the Johnny Cash profile movie"Walk the Line" and also the western "3:10 to Yuma"
I'm excited to have a new Vegas based television show to watch this fall, its looks like the stuff a movie could easily be made from. I just hope it stays true to Vegas lore and shows all sides of story, because many dont.
One last interesting thing about Lamb was in 18 years as Sheriff, he never shot a single person. We'll see how thats worked in the script.
<![CDATA[Getting Psyched for Cinco De Mayo]]>Tue, 01 May 2012 00:57:43 GMThttp://neonvacation.com/the-way-back-stuff/post-title-click-and-type-to-edit1With 30% of Nevadans being of Mexican background, I suspect Cinco De Mayo is a larger festival in the Las Vegas Area then most other tourist destination.
Once again we would like to help the celebratory crowd enjoy their vacations and maximize the party experience (as we do).
Its not hard to find a Mexican, or a Mexican themed restaurant. So, It really shouldn't be hard to put together a Cinco De Mayo Pub-Crawl, but we like doing this so let us do it for you.
If its nostalgic Mexican restaurants your looking for, the first name on our list would be EL SOMBRERO. Located between the Strip and Downtown at 807 S Main, it's the oldest restaurant in Las Vegas.Not just Mexican restaurant, but oldest all around restaurant. If you've worked Downtown or just enjoy good Mexican you've been to El Sombrero. There isn't much of a party atmosphere here, but the food is excellent and the historic factor makes it a must visit, on Cinco De Mayo or not. Mayor Oscar Goodman was a regular at El Sombrero when in office. (His wife visits too, we're told). 
Next would be Ricardo's, a family-owned restaurant started about 30 years ago and now located at Decatur and Flaming. The inside of this place is amazing, from the tiled floors, high ceilings, and massive murals. Its like a step back in time or into a different area of the world. The food is as authentic as it comes and always excellent. Prices are a bit on the high side but its worth it just for the experience, the same as if you pay top dollar for a great steak house or high-end seafood spot. Ive never been here during Cinco De Mayo but could see a great party breaking out, and they're no more then 2 miles from the strip up Flamingo. 

Another long lived local favorite, Viva Mercado's, has been around for some 20 years. They started out on the corner of Jones and Flamingo, They now occupy a well needed, much larger,  restaurant located on S. Rainbow in the Walmart Shopping center.  I believe they have the very best (over a dozen) homemade salsas in town. The menu is in the average price range with nothing unexpected for this quality and authenticity. My favorite dish being the (over) a pound Burritos, at dinner this meal is about 13.95 and at lunch you can build your own combos at around $8-$9, and add a great margarita for $5. I almost forgot about their supply of over 60 Tequilas on the shelves and gaming at the bar.

One day while I was indulging at one of the divey-est bars in Las Vegas(name to remain anonymous) a friend and I were talking about previous trips to El Sombrero. We ended up talking with a local who wouldn't stop raving about this place called LINDO MICHOACAN and he gave me a card with their addresses and suggested I try it . Of course we did because I always listen to local suggestions. This place is amazing. I cant rave enough about it now either. They have a shuttle that will pick up "out of towners" at certain areas of the Strip and Convention center area. They serve authentic Mexican food in a traditionally Mexican themed restaurant. A live Mariachi band plays at two of the locations on Fri and Sat nights, and at the Henderson location they have live music Monday thru Friday nights. That reminds me........of their three locations, I've only been to the one on Desert Inn; so this review is mainly for that one. From 2-5p it's happy hour buy one Margarita or Beer and get one free.. The bar had a ton of Mexican imports to choose from, and lunch comes at around $8.50-$10.50 a plate. They're very proud of the catering room, which can do parties as small as you want or up to 125, but told us the Henderson location does weekly parties for up to 300 people. We ate at Lindo Michoacan on a Monday, and wondered why they had such a family crowd. We soon found out that kids 12 and under eat free on Mondays. They are having all day Cinco De Mayo festivities at all three locations and should be a blast, I would definitely make reservations they will be packed.

As far as Mexican on the strip.....  We might as well start at one of the best if not the best,  
Border Grill, they're located at the far end of the strip at Mandalay Bay and we are talking very high end food at high end prices, not exactly a spot to celebrate Cinco De Mayo but would make a great date before the festivities later. They serve modern Mexican with a healthy and lighter side to it. They serve very fresh flavorful food; crab nachos and chicken enchiladas are on my list of favorites. 
If Border Grill isnt exactly what your looking for, Hussong's Cantina with a much louder party atmosphere is right in the same resort. The story goes (we have no way to back this up) that a bartender back in 1941 invented the Margarita everyone loves till this day at the original Hussong's Cantina. The drinks here are all up or on the rocks, so dont order blended Margaritas. I suspect they should have a great Cinco De Mayo party seeing as they always have a good time in there. Live Rock and Roll form of a Mariachi band Thur, Fri and Sat nights.
Tacos and Tequila is located at the Luxor casino, just up from Mandalay Bay. They promised a party happening on Cinco De Mayo with drink specials and prizes given away, LIVE music. Some specials include a bottle of Dos Equis Lager and a shot of Patron for $10 and $5 well drinks, house wine and sangria, and a $5 happy hour menu from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., featuring chicken quesadillas, habañero wings, flautas, guacamole and more. $5 Margaritas, Tecate, and Hornitos shots. They'll have airbrush tattoo artists, a Mariachi band all day as well as a DJ. Tacos and Tequila is over priced as are most places on the strip, but for Cinco Di Mayo it will be packed with festive tourists.  I remember last year Erik Estrada was in attendance. This year they plan on having Lorena Peril from the adult revue, Fantasy, hosting the party. In our opinion a much better draw then Ponch. 
MGM might be a fun property to be at on Cinco De Mayo. A dinning option much like Border Grill, DIEGOS is located here, also there will be a couple battles in the arena, one between Mayweather and Cotto, a 12-round fight for Cotto's WBA Super Welterweight World Championship and the vacant WBC Super Welterweight Diamond belt, and the other between Canelo Alvarez and Sugar Shane Mosley. Boxing fans and Cinco De Mayo generally bring out some excitement in Vegas.

Cabo Wabo is good ole, Sammy Hagar's joint at the Planet Hollywood shops. This place is expensive for anywhere but the location is perfect, they do have great music all the time and its a great atmosphere for a Cinco De Mayo party. They love to come around and snap pictures then sell them in a souvenir frame, for around 10 bucks I believe. The food is very.......... average especially for the price. They will give away prizes and have drink specials. If your staying at the Planet Hollywood i would suggest this place simply for the convenience of getting back to your room at the end of the night. 
Diablo's sits acroos the street from Cabo Wabo and makes for just as good if not better party atmosphere. The food is way better and they have a great vibe at all times. Every half hour they spin the "WHEEL OF SIN " for great happy hour pricing. Later this week they said they would release Saturday's specials, but they wont be taking any reservations for that days events. 
If you plan on doing some shopping before the party begins El Segundo Sol is out front of the Fasion Show mall and perfect for people watching, and throwing some Coronas back. Prices are medium to high for this style of restaurant, but go during Happy Hour and they are CHEAP! On Cinco De Mayo I am told they are having a 2 day party Fri and Sat with drink specials, shot girls running around with occasional free shots, DJ and prizes both days.
Then toward the top of the strip in Circus Circus is Rock and Rita's. An upbeat venue where constant music and flair bar-tending skills are displayed. Food is average but its all about the party at this point of the night. 

On to the newest spots coming to the strip. Carlos and Charlies has recently opened and marketed as a lively spot with great happy hours and flair bartenders, if that's a must for you on Cinco De Mayo. Located at The Flamingo right by the sports book this is a huge Acapulco themed,  well known 11 restaurant chain. They are open for lunch and dinners, reservations aren't needed usually. The bar terrace seats 40 and offers a great view of the pool area, and is PARTY central.

With a Grand Opening scheduled on Cinco Di Mayo, Senior Frog's is the older step brother to Carlos and Charlies and an original Mexico themed, Spring Break style party hot spot. They have opened their doors without a lot of attention in order to "figure out the clientele and learn the ropes" (actually said to me on the phone) Senior Frog's is also a well known chain with a college dorm party happening all day long. The bar over looks the pool here as well. Good nachos, burritos and other hangover comforts including Margaritas and specialty drinks. They have a interesting table side cart wheeling around where you can create your own guacamole the way you want it. They will be having a huge opening day blowout for Cinco De Mayo, as their theme demands it. I've not been there but hear the prices are expensive and the party is "corporate".
JUST ADDED....... 
I tried to get party info from both Senior Frog's and Carlos and Charlies restaurants and in both cases I found the employees LESS then helpful. Both locations told me they have no Happy Hours scheduled.  At Senior Frogs I even had the privilege of speaking to the (what seemed to be) teenage bar manager, and I quote "I think there will be some girls, there probably should be some jagamiester and margarita deals, You would think".
I was also called "BRO" about 6 times during each call. It is a party/college spring break atmosphere all the time, so if that's what your looking for that's your spot. I'm sure ill visit it if I'm in that area. I just wont go out of my way to get there. I did find out they're both run by the same parent company, and you could tell they have the same phone training course, when I tried senior Frog's again yesterday (Sunday). I think and hope she was kidding but maybe not when I asked "Whats the Cinco De Mayo party plans" and she asked "When is it?"
Guarduno's at Palm's is a little off the strip but it has a fun atmosphere and could easily turn into a great Cinco De Mayo hang out. They have a .99 Margaritas and taco special happening there Mon-Fri from 11a-6p, a really good salsa bar and bean dip as well. Prices are in the medium range not too overpriced. Saturday they offer a Mariachi band and drink specials 4-close. Another spot I personal enjoy a bit off strip is located at the former HILTON now LVH. TRES RIOS CANTINA, yep the one owned by rocker Vince Neil. Neil is known to indulge in a good tequila and actually has his own brand of the same name, Tres Rios. They have two happy hours every day featuring half priced appetizers, house margaritas, Mexican beers and tequila. The atmosphere is cool and casual offering great signature drinks like “Tres Girls” Coconut Rita or the “Red Hot” Apple Rita, the “Smokin” Purple Rita and the “FeelGood” Rita. They also offers a comprehensive list of tequilas (besides his own), beer and wine.
Happy Hours: 2-5pm and 9-11pm daily
I did keep this write up limited to Mexican themed bars and restaurants but one special party to not over look Saturday night will be the closing party at ROCKHOUSE. Rockhouse is located in front of Imperial Palace, directly across from Caesars Palace in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. The daiquiri and main bar open daily at 10 a.m. and nightclub is open from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. They will be closing after the Cinco De Mayo party and relocating their property later in the year. Until close, starting at 10 p.m., drinks will be priced for $6 then drop down $1 after each hour until 4 a.m. when all drinks will be on the house until doors close for the last time. That would be worth checking out.

Have a fun and safe Cinco De Mayo
ADIOS for now. 
<![CDATA[Hot Diggity Dog! Eat a Dog Day 4/14-4/19]]>Fri, 13 Apr 2012 08:10:57 GMThttp://neonvacation.com/the-way-back-stuff/hot-diggity-dog-eat-a-dog-day-414-419Hot Dogs!, Get Yer Hot Dogs Here!  
Growing up and being at the ballpark as often as possible I could have dined on hot dogs three times a day, covering each meal, and then one as a snack before bed.
Probably the reason I have such a fondness of the perfect snack today. I do love a great steak, or pasta from the kitchen at Casa Di Amore(shameless plug for my favorite Italian in Vegas), but give me a good hot dog and all's right with the world for those next few minutes.
Whats a “good” hot dog mean to me? It means 100% beef, well cooked and or steamed correctly, it means a bun the way you enjoy it, and it means quality toppings all at a reasonable price for the situation. Simple.
I will eat a 15-dollar hot dog at Serendipity 3 if I find myself hungry while spending outrageous money anyway in the Caesar shops. On the other hand, I will enjoy a one dollar hot dog, sipping a dollar and a half Budweiser at The Stage Door bar while watching the freak show pass by the windows at three in the morning, after a night of winning blackjack half a block up on the Strip.
Hot Dog Day/Week should be a holiday but since I couldn’t find it referenced much, with the exception of the 4th of July’s mega popular Hot Dog eating Championship thing,  I am making one up………May 14th-19th is (only according to me at NeonVacation) EAT A DOG DAY. Coincidentally this falls in line with my next trip to Vegas. So I will do my in depth research and report on the best and worst hot dogs I run across. In the past I have sampled about every style and brand of hot dog Vegas has to offer.
Nathan’s has a large corner of the market on the Vegas Strip. Stands and kiosks can be found at NY NY, Flamingo, Venetian, Mgm, Bally’s, Slots of Fun and Luxor. The Fashion Show Mall has a spot and so does The Palms off strip. If you're downtown you can get a Nathan's dog for cheap at Mermaids, and while conventioning jump over to Paradise Rd and there’s a Nathan’s to be found there as well. That’s IF Nathan’s is what you consider a “good hotdog”. There are many options besides Nathan’s to try if it isn’t.
For individuals such as I, who like to grab and go or eat on the go, hot dog stands or carts can be found at Sports books in many of the Downtown casinos. Fremont and Binion’s both have pretty regular vendors around their books, and on the Strip, Bill’s and Excalibur are the most recent I’ve visited. 
If there’s a food court in a casino, there’s hotdogs at that food court and most are nothing special. "Hot Dog On A Stick" exists in three malls around town, this franchise has been around since 1946. Coming from Southern California, they have stores in the Meadows, Boulevard, and Fashion Show Malls. They are popular with the mall going crowd.........not my thing.
Strip restaurants try and outdo each other when it comes to "gourmet dogs". I mentioned Serendipity earlier; Pinks at Planet Hollywood are known for their dogs, as well as PBR Rock Bar. PBR has a full hot dog menu for the connoisseur to explore, and at half the price of Serendipity.
If you get off the strip or away from downtown a few places come highly recommended. I only recommend these if you are a local or trying to get away from the strip for a while. Oh and you might recognize a theme to these hot dog joints. 
Starting above the Strip and even Downtown is “Chicago Hot Dog” This is a hole in the wall on Rancho, but the quality of food is excellent. The only bad thing here is the prices do get a little high, and it's about as far as you want to drive as a tourist looking for great hot dog spots.
N.W. of Mid Strip, "Chicago Jimmy’s" is a small hot dog stand tucked inside a distant Smarty’s convenient store on Durango Dr. I’m not sure what makes hot dog lovers like this place so much but they do. Prices are middle ranch and its a minimal menu. Just south of Chicago Jimmy's and on the same street is "Amore Taste of Chicago" which is more of a pizza joint but they have awesome Vienna brand all beef hot dogs for cheap, their menu is larger than most but they have a great variety of Chicago favorites. Are you getting the theme yet? 
Staying west of the Strip but heading South at Jones (inside Lucky's casino) is "Taste of Chicago", They serve Chicago style hot dogs in a Chicago setting, yes, they are Vienna brand all beef as well. They have a larger menu with more of a Greek theme to it. Crossing the Strip now to the East but staying South of the airport there's "Chicago Tasty Dog" on Eastern. They have a very simple menu as well, but as far as hot dog specialists go they are high priced. 
Ending the CHICAGO theme but not the Chicago taste, we're heading North and right across the street from UNLV. "The Lunch Box" is a small joint perfectly located on Maryland for college cuisine. Their menu is simple, a couple hot dog and brat varieties and Ice cream sandwiches all at a price set for a student's budget. Just North of The Lunch Box sits the Boulevard Mall with the aforementioned "Hot Dog On A Stick" franchise in its food court. Which completes our circle of the Strip hot dog scavenger hunt.
Plenty of bars in the Vegas Valley offer hot dogs in some form or another as a bar snack, but trying to keep the theme closer to the Strip and tourist friendly, you have to try (only if you're in the area) The Stage Door hot dog. At a buck or buck fifty it’s a full beef hot dog cooked on a grill style roller right at the bar. It’s like you're sitting, enjoying a beer inside a 7-11. They have gaming at the bar and the hot dog is about the same price as a beer. This place is located a block down Flamingo from Bill's Gambling hall. 
As I stated in the beginning I could eat hotdogs all vacation day long, but there are a few I will avoid. I’m not a huge Nathan’s fan, for one there way over priced as is Pinks and usually any food court you visit. The single worst hotdog in Las Vegas is the foot long hot dog in the food court at the back of Casino Royale. I’ve given it more than enough chances to change my mind, and with each trip it got worse. 
My suggestions for quality at a reasonable price would be “The Lunch Box” if your around UNLV and “Stage Door” if your drinking cheaply, Fremont Sports book’s .99 foot long if your downtown or PBR Rock bar and their patio with a Strip view, enjoy a Bacon N Cheese dog and people watch. 
Years ago, my favorite spots for a good dog consisted of the sports book at Stardust, Slots o Fun (pre Nathan’s), The Riviera used to have a great footlong dog at the deli and Pre-implosion Last Frontier’s little food court section by their sports book. Those days are long gone, but good hot dogs shouldnt be too hard to find. I believe it takes a lot to screw up a hot dog.
If I overlooked your favorite dog dealer, or gourmet hot dog joint, let me know. Comment below or reach me with any suggestions. Don't forget to celebrate EAT A DOG DAY with me between May 14th and May 19th.  
<![CDATA[Eire, Slainte, and other Craic...St Paddy's Day in Vegas!]]>Wed, 22 Feb 2012 01:34:45 GMThttp://neonvacation.com/the-way-back-stuff/eire-slainte-and-other-craicst-paddys-day-in-vegasOn March 17th most people wont consider celebrating the efforts of one Saint named Patrick coming to this country, back in the 1700s, to turn all the wicked Pagans to Christianity. Most will just use the day as an excuse to try out their (bad) accent and impersonations and drink as much as they can. I’m as Irish as one gets and, unfortunately, I will be no exception.

There is an Irish saying that goes “St Patrick’s Day consists of the night of March the seventeenth flavored strongly with the morning of the eighteenth”. That being true, there’s no better place in my opinion to celebrate this day then Las Vegas.

I wish restaurants and bars would begin advertising their parties and St. Patrick's Day specials well in advance so visitors can plan ahead, but that’s just me. So as the day grows closer Ill add to this list of the events I can uncover. So read it two or three more times before the Holiday hits us.

On March 17th most people wont consider celebrating the efforts of one Saint named Patrick coming to this country, back in the 1700s, to turn all the wicked Pagans to Christianity. Most will just use the day as an excuse to try out their (bad) accent and impersonations and drink as much as they can. I’m as Irish as one gets and, unfortunately, I will be no exception.
There is an Irish saying that goes “St Patrick’s Day consists of the night of March the seventeenth flavored strongly with the morning of the eighteenth”. That being true, there’s no better place in my opinion to celebrate this day then Las Vegas.
I wish restaurants and bars would begin advertising their parties and St. Patrick's Day specials well in advance so visitors can plan ahead, but that’s just me. So as the day grows closer Ill add to this list of the events I can uncover. So read it two or three more times before the Holiday hits us.
I can suggest some bars and restaurants that will be "CELEBRATING" their Irish names sake though.

On the Strip there’s well know names such as what used to be McFadden’s (is now called IRISH PUB) at Rio, Nine Fine at NY NY, of course there’s O'Sheas entire casino and new from last year is Ri Ra at Mandalay Bay.

 At off Strip Casinos you can find Brendan's Pub at Orleans, Quinns at GVR, and JC Woolougans doing their part for visitors.    

If your going to be Downtown you should definitely get to FITZGERALDS before they are renamed "The D" they always do it up for St. Patty’s Day and there’s also Hennessey’s to check out.

What I would do is venture off the beaten path and hit the small pubs and non-resort bars. Away from the lights and large tabs are some gems to be found. Try to get to Murphy's Law over by UNLV on Flamingo, Sean Patrick’s on West Flamingo, McMullan’s on Trop by Orleans, Paddy’s on Pecos or even Jacks Irish Pub at Palace Station. I was recently in Michael's on Rainbow directly off Flamingo. Bartender and son to the owners, Donald,  told me when he celebrates St. Patrick’s Day there, he brings in a bottle of FECKIN Irish Whiskey and passes out shots to the deserving Irish customers. Last year he had complimentary corn beef and cabbage for patrons as well. He said they will have food specials and of course drink specials. The next night I visited McMullan's for the first time. WoW was I impressed with the people at McMullans, great bartender and great conversation I could see a St. Paddy’s Day pub crawl in the works. Stating at the top of Flamingo with Sean Patrick’s, move down to Michaels Pub, jump on Trop and stop by McMullan’s then over to Orleans and try Brendan’s.
Some events to look out for this year include: (updated daily)
Thursday, March 17, 2012 at 12:00pm - Friday, March 18, 2012 at 12:00am
Vegas strip block party organized by the Flamingo and
O'Sheas Casino should be a must on your schedule of things to do and places to hang out. Come out and have some fun. There is music, drinks, food outside on the strip.

St. Patty Pub Crawl:  March 17th noon-4am
Because there's absolutely no excuse for you to spend your entire day in one bar during St. Patrick's day. 

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival will be from March 15-18 at the Henderson Events Plaza (200 water street). It will be the 46th consecutive festival Las Vegas has held for the holiday. 

The Cannery's St. Patrick's Day FEST has a U2 tribute band concert on St Patrick's Day, FREE show starting at 6pm ....
 Here's more:Cannery Pub Crawl at Cannery Bars -
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at four different locations, all within the Cannery Casino.  All drinks are just $1 at selected bars beginning St. Patrick’s Day afternoon.
All Drinks $1 - Casa Bar - 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.All Drinks $1 - Booze & Bets - 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.All Drinks $1 - Pin Ups - 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.All Drinks $1 - The Club - 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.St. Patrick’s Day Music Festival - The Club
Three different musical groups will offer Irish music,  from traditional to Irish Rock. Admission is Free.
One For The Irish Road & Dublin John - 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.  (8 p.m. - 1 a.m. at Pin Ups)“Vegas U2” Tribute Band  - 8 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Cannery Row Buffet -
Serving all the traditional Irish favorites on St. Patrick’s Day.
$7 Buffet All Day with your CAN Club card
$2 Green Beer
Victory’s Cafe Thinly sliced Corned Beef with fresh Seared Cabbage served with New Potatoes and Baby Carrots. Your choice of Soup or Salad and served with Rolls and Butter. $9.99
Shepherd’s Pie made with lean Ground Sirloin and stewed with Fresh Vegetables and topped with Homemade Mashed Potatoes. Served with either Soup or Salad and Rolls  with Butter. $8.99
Waverly’s Steak HouseChar-grilled Corned New York Strip Steak served with rain Mustard Demi-Glace and a Cabbage, Carrot and Potato Strata. $32                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Cannery Casino is located at 2121 E. Craig Road (Craig Road & Losee), North Las Vegas, NV 89030 (702) 507-5700.

J.C. Wooloughan’s Irish Pub. Their party starts on Wednesday, March 14 with happy hour from 3 to 7 p.m.  $5 specials on Irish appetizers, 50 percent off Irish draft beer and live music, which kicks off at 7 p.m. with the band Celtic Rockers. On Thursday, March 15, happy hour at 3 p.m. Live music that features Arms of America, a U2 tribute band, at 8 p.m. On Friday, March 16 enjoy happy hour from 3 to 7 p.m. Nick Mattera on the at 4 p.m., followed by rockers Okay Jim at 9 p.m. There is no cover charge for the festivities from Wednesday – Friday.  Then on Saturday, March 17. Entertainment begins at noon in the resort’s outdoor patio with Finnegan’s Wake. Nick Matera will be back in the pub starting at 2 p.m., and Celtic Rockers will take the patio stage at 4 p.m. Later in the evening the party kicks into high gear as Arms of America and Okay Jim take simultaneous center stage on the JW Marriott patio and J.C. Wooloughan’s, respectively, at 9 p.m. There will be a cover charge of $20 on St. Patrick’s Day starting at 3 p.m. Party revelers can enjoy both the patio and pub venues with their paid cover. The Guinness Girls, the Jameson Girls and the Smirnoff Whipped & Fluffed Girls will also be appearing at various times during the week. The girls will be giving out Irish-themed swag, including T-shirts. Bagpipers and leprechauns will also be roaming the resort halls. 
Nine Fine Irishmen and on the Brooklyn Bridge at New York-New York Hotel & Casino with the Celtic Feis.  a traditional Gaelic arts and cultural festival with three days of authentic Irish entertainment, traditional food and drinks. From Friday, March 16 through Sunday, March 18 guests will be able to revel at one of the few outdoor Strip parties and enjoy the sounds of live Celtic music. Guests who wear a kilt to Celtic Feis on St. Patrick’s Day as well as all law enforcement officials, firefighters, military personnel, veterans and EMTs will receive complimentary admission to Celtic Feis (must present appropriate badge or ID at the door). To spread cheer throughout Las Vegas New-New York Hotel & Casino will also light the Chrysler Building green from March 16 – 18. 
Fremont Street Experience celebrates St. Patrick’s Day all weekend long with free concerts from Thursday, March 15 to Sunday, March 18. Tribute bands Vegas U2 and Red Not Chili Peppers will be on hand. Enjoy traditional and Celtic music with special appearances from legendary bands Finnegan’s Wake and Whiskey Galore on March 17.   
Suncoast will be having  Las Vegas-based Irish rock band Wild Celts to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Doing a free show and special contests March 17 at their Showroom. The “Rock Your Kilt” contest and the “Leprechaun Star Search” will feature cash prizes of $100 for first place, $50 for second place and $25 for third place. Both contests are open to men and women 21 and older. The party starts at 9 p.m. 
Rí Rá Las Vegas celebrates its one year anniversary with a two-day St. Patrick’s Day festival March 16 and 17. The weekend festivities will feature live music, giveaways, Irish dancers, authentic Irish menu items and a parade through Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. The pub’s anniversary and St. Patrick’s Day celebration kicks off on Friday, March 16 with live Irish music starting at 5 p.m. The festivities continue on Saturday, March 17 with a Six Nations Rugby match between Ireland and England at 10 a.m. followed by a parade through the casino at 11 a.m. The parade features Irish dancers, Rí Rá staff members, a bagpiper and more. On Saturday, Rí Rá will charge $10 cover at the pub. Guests will enjoy live Irish music from several bands during both days of the festival. Diners will enjoy traditional Irish fare, including Corned Beef & Cabbage, a Publicans Reuben and Fish & Chips. 
REMEMBER its also the opening weekend of MARCH MADNESS so the weekend will be crazy and sports bars will be incredibly packed. 
Also it will be the last St Paddy Day to celebrate at OShea's. 

UPDATED 3/12/12
Young Dubliners: concert at the Hard Rock on the 16th for $20
The Cannery: $1 drinks at select bars on March 17, times vary with earliest offering beginning at 3 p.m.
Circus Circus 
· $6 pitchers of green beer and $4 Guinness Draughts at West Bar 
· Circus Buffet will serve Corned Beef and Cabbage and boiled potatoes 
· Corned Beef Sandwich on sourdough bread served with potato chips ($6.99) at West Side Deli 
RockHouse: Serving up green frozen piña coladas, $5 green draft beers, $5 Irish car bombs, $20 64-ounce Super Beers, $35 80-ounce guitar beers and 100-ounce Super Yards for $38 starting at 10 a.m.
Stock up on 2-for-1 commemorative green bottles of Bud Light until 6 p.m. 
Venetian (at Public House): Lamb “Shepherd’s Pie” Pierogies and Irish Coffee Cheesecake; $5 pints of green domestic beer, Irish car bombs, and Jameson shots 
Crazy Horse 3:  $5 Jameson shots before midnight 
PBR ROCK BAR:  Green beer, green margaritas, and green daiquiris; Fill 80-ounce Green Guitars or 100-ounce Super Yards for 38 greenbacks 

Here’s a couple tidbits to help with the CRAIC through out the night.
First off “Craic” means conversation.
 “Whisky in the Jar” Is actually an Irish folksong with no known author, covered by many Irish bands including the Dubliners The Pogues, Thin Lizzy, and the Irish Rovers (way before Metallica)
“Slainte” Is pronounced Salon-CHAY, not SLONTEE or SLANTEE. And its means CHEERS, basically, but if you want to impress your Irish cohorts reply with “to your health as well” or try pronouncing “SLAINTE AGAD-SA”.
In Ireland they don’t drink green beer or wear green clothing on St Patrick’s Day, in fact bars weren’t even allowed to be open on the holiday until the mid 70’s. They do wear Shamrocks on their shirts or coats. It symbolizes the teaching of the trinity by ST. PATRICK.

If you need a few toasts to help keep the drinks flowing, these are my favorites. (because they’re not too hard to remember when drunk)

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.
And rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.
(try to get that one out early in the night)

May you live as long as you want,
And never want as long as you live.

May you be in Heaven a full half hour before the Devil knows you're dead.

That’s about does it you are now ready to take on St. Patrick’s Day in Vegas. But If you still don’t have IRISH blood anywhere in your veins, just go ahead and lie, put on just a green shirt with a funny slogan, such as “F#$% ME, I’m IRISH” or “I-RISH I had another Beer” , because we don’t care on St Patrick’s day.